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Overcoming Hormonal Disorders at Crossroads Animal Clinic

Written on April 6, 2018   By   in Pets and Animals

The study of Canine Cushing syndrome at Crossroads Animal Clinic had led to the discovery of hormonal disorders which can lead to the growth of many uncontrolled tumors in the pets. The specialists at the clinic have gone several steps ahead of the normal procedures followed at many of the pet clinics. They have virtually entered the arena of hormonal research where not many of the vets wish to go. Primarily this is due to the complexity of the procedures. One is not sure of the results being favorable to her expectations. The other issue is the non profitability of the procedures. Of course the successful results can bring in lots of dollars, name and fame. But the path to this sort of research in the field of pet hormone disorder is very rare at the clinics. But the specialists at Crossroads Animal Clinic have taken this initiative for the common welfare of the pet owners and the pets themselves.

Crossroads Animal Clinic- Advanced Treatments

The treatment given to the pets with hormone disorder is quite simple in nature at the Crossroads Animal Clinic. However the combinations of medicines and the shots used is quite complex in nature. For example they can find long lasting cure to the thyroid hormone disorder among the pets. For this they conduct exclusive tests for the value of PTH and Ionized calcium within the pets’ body. The volume of Feline and canine variation from the normal range is calculated through tests and diagnosis. Then they see the probability of elevation and decrements under various health conditions. Once the diagnosis is complete they are able to evaluate the probable treatment methods.

  • Hyper Conditions: – The hyper condition of the disorders occur when the hormones are imbalanced and the required nutrient and fluid levels are in deficiency. For example the presence of Hyper -Thyroidism occurs when the ionized calcium levels go beyond the accepted normal levels. In such cases the experts at Crossroads Animal Clinic take measures to decrease the levels through prolonged treatments. In some cases it takes shorter time for healing, while in the other cases it might take longer time. However you can be sure of the perfect healing at the end of treatments.
  • Hypo Condition: – The hypo conditions for the hormones occur when their levels go below the normal recommended levels. For example the presence of Hypo –Thyroidism among the pets can occur when there is deficiency of calcium or excess of the Thyroid controlling hormone. In such cases the experts at the Crossroads Animal Clinic take measures during the treatment to balance the levels these elements. Then the normalization in the hormones ensures restoration of normal conditions among the pets.
  • Anti-body Treatment: – The presence of anti-body elements in the pet body can be one of the main causes for hormone disorder. The reasons for the increase in such elements are not exactly known. But there exist several methods through which these anti-bodies can be kept under control. The experts at Crossroads Animal Clinic have literally mastered these techniques.